WordPress CMS

If you’re developing themes or just need to mockup your new page with some Lorem Ipsum dummy text, check out these easy to use WordPress plugins. Drop the files in your /plugins directory and active them via the Admin menu.

WordPress Example Content
WordPress Lorem Ipsum Generator

Sublime Text Editor

Designing and developing websites is so much easier when you’ve got some placeholder text handy. Add these Sublime Text Lorem Ipsum plugins to your workflow and enjoy the benefits of programmatic dummy text wherever you require.

Sublime Lorem Text
Sublime Lorem Ipsum Generator

Atom Text Editor

If you’re using the Atom text editor, try these helpful packages to add Lorem Ipsum text to your programming experience. You can install them both using the command line, and the first supports hot keys for adding placeholder text inline with your code.

Atom Lorem Ipsum Package
Atom Lipsum Generator

Brackets Text Editor

For those shipping code via the Brackets text editor, we’ve got a treat for you. Check out the link below for a full-featured Lorem Ipsum generator designed just for Brackets. Use File > Extension Manager to install and then type “lorem” whenever you need some filler text.

Brackets Lorem Ipsum Package

NPM (Node Package Manager)

Love NPM? We do, especially since they’ve got a few Lorem Ipsum packages. You know the drill, “npm install” any one of these, require the package in your JS file and you’re good to go with some classic Lorem Ipsum text. Also available as drop-in JS modules.

NPM Lorem Ipsum Package
NPM Post HTML Lorem Package


Java has been around so long it’s no surprise there are a number of great Lorem Ipsum generators already in existence. We’ve selected two below, but feel free to browse Google for more. Don’t let the first generator’s page fool you, it’s quite powerful.

Source Forge Lorem Ipsum Generator
Java Lorem Ipsum Generator


Python is great for mining data and text, so why not for generating it? Below are a couple of our favorite Lorem Ipsum libraries for generating text in Python. And the best thing? Collective Lorem Ipsum also supports placeholder images!

Python Lorem Ipsum Generator
Python Collective Lorem Ipsum


Where would the web be without JavaScript? Or Lorem Ipsum text for that matter. You can easily (and conveniently) combine both of these web staples using the libraries listed below, just drop the files into your website or webapp and placehold all the things.

JavaScript Lorem Ipsum Library
JavaScript Lorem Generator


What a gem. Literally. These Lorem Ipsum Ruby gems are great if you need to include some dummy text in your projects. As a bonus, the first gem listed below, Forgery, also does email, passwords and money (psuedo-Latin not guaranteed).

Ruby Forgery Gem
Ruby Better Lorem Gem