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Pimp Out Your Profile

You've seen those fancy fonts, now it’s your turn. Add a bit of 𝒻𝓁𝒶𝒾𝓇 to your Insta, WhatsApp, or Twitter handle, Twitch or Discord bio.

Cool font bro

A wise Instagram bio once said, “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” Well, sometimes you can find a little extra happiness when you dress those thoughts up with a cool font.

Content on Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok and everywhere else online is prolific—it’s hard to stand out, even in a small group. That’s because the universal font each platform uses makes all content blend together.

With a font generator, doom scrollers will stop in their tracks simply because what you’ve written looks different and interesting—bonus points if it’s also worth reading.

How to Use Fancy Text

While these strange symbols and cool fonts look wild, all you need to do is copy and paste it into your profile—acrobatics optional.

Copy and Paste Like a Boss

One of the cool things about this font generator is that you can choose from more than 20 different styles. That means you can find a unique flair that perfectly fits what you’re trying to say.

To use the font generator on a desktop, simply type (or copy/paste) your text into the “Type/paste your text” field, and then select one of the font subsets. Once you click on a subset, you’ll see a drop-down list with previews of each style. Find the one you like, click the “Copy” button on the right, and then right-click or key-shortcut your text anywhere online or offline that allows you to type text.

For mobile users on iPhone or Android, it’s even easier. Like desktop, simply type or copy/paste your desired text into the input field, and then choose your subset. Once you decide on the font, click the “Copy” button and the text will automatically save to your clipboard. Then head over to whatever platform you want, paste it in, and blow people’s minds with your fancy text.

Fancy Font Examples

Looking for suggestions? Snag some fancy text inspo from these social profiles, posts and bios featuring cool fonts (and emojis).

Links or It Didn’t Happen

Stereogum Bio
Stereogum, one of the leading news and media sites for art, music and culture, uses a fancy font in its bio tagline to illustrate its brand style. The line wouldn’t have the same impact if it was written in Instagram’s Proxima Nova style, so Sterogum switched it up with something a little edgy that’s reminiscent of SoCal tattoo culture. It pops, so it works.

Chet Hanks
It’s hard to tell whether Chet Hanks is ironic or earnest, but he’s undeniably popular and is deliberate with his brand. By using distinct fonts, both his name and tagline stand out with bold flavor and clean lines.

Jose Pagliery
Jose Pagliery, an investigative reporter for the DailyBeast, employs a fancy font in his bio name (note: not his username). This way, his name will catch your eye simply because it looks different.

Extra Resources

Grab these quotes to reuse on social or read what the experts say about making the best social media profile you can.

Fontastic Quotes

Profile quotes can be hard to pull out of nowhere, so we’ve compiled a number of unique, powerful ones that are good jumping off points for your profile.

Run these quotes through the font generator for extra vibes (or checkout Quoterati for more inspirational quotes):

“I’m not perfect but I am a limited edition.”
“Be yourself. There is no one better.”
“Make life fun. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.”
“Fall seven times. Get up eight.”
“I don’t like to follow. I like being followed.”
“Even the greatest people started out as no one.”
“I think, therefore I am.”
“I am saying yes to new adventures.”
“Always look on the bright side of life.”
“I’m walking on sunshine.”
“Escape the ordinary.”
“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.”

If you need more than a quote to help you enhance your bio, there are plenty of resources out there. For an overview about Instagram bios, including how to build a killer one, head over to this Oberlo post. Or check out this post on Social Media Today that explains 11 hacks for creating awesome social media profiles.

How Font Generators Work

The technical details are surprisingly complicated. Learn how these fonts work, how to troubleshoot, and how fonts are different from text.

Tech Specs

Now, with all of this in mind, it’s time to drop a bombshell about the fancy fonts you’ll find in this font generator: Fancy fonts aren’t actual fonts. Surprise!

These fancy “fonts” are actually the product of Unicode. Unicode is the IT standard for encoding and text expression throughout 95% of the websites you engage with online. With roughly 150,000 characters, Unicode includes modern and historic scripts, symbol sets and emojis. So that fancy fotextnt you’re using to get lolz, upvotes and likes is actually a Unicode symbol.

This font generator takes the text you input and searches through the Unicode database to match it with the style you’ve chosen from the dropdown list—and because 95% of sites use Unicode, there’s a really good chance you’ll be able to copy and paste your dressed-up text anywhere that allows comments.

However, even though Unicode is industry standard, you still may run across a website that doesn’t support the particular symbols chosen from this generator. In that case, your comment will end up with empty boxes instead of fancy fonts. Just know that the issue is with the host site, not this font generator.

Font generators also shouldn’t be confused with text generators. Text generators are programs that can automatically generate paragraphs of dummy text to use as placeholders.

To find the perfect text generator for your project, head over to the Lorem Ipsum text generator. And if variety is your thing, check out list of generators with more than 40 unique generators with different personas, so you can create paragraphs of text that sound like a hipster, Trump, Game of Thrones’ Hodor, Zombies, bacon and more.